Thomas Gross

Faculty member
Laboratory for Software Technology
Computer Science Department
ETH Zürich

Office: RZ H 1.2
(voice) +41 44 632 7342
(fax) +41 44 632 1307
(secretary) + 41 44 632 7311
(admin) + 41 44 632 7233
(email) thomas.gross at


I have worked on the software and architecture of a variety of experimental computer systems. As a graduate student at Stanford, I participated in the (Stanford) MIPS project. At Carnegie Mellon, I was part of the Warp, iWarp and Fx projects. My current projects focus on compilers and network-aware applications.


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Physical address: ETH main campus (Zentrum)
Clausiusstr. 59
CH 8092 Zürich

Mailing address: ETH Zurich
CH 8092 Zurich

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